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The Rise of North Africa.

The Tiger Cub of Asia. So Much for Potential. Knocking at the Door.

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The Model of Efficiency. Painful Prosperity. A Diamond in South Americas. Central America and Mexico. Fountains of Wealth. Appendix World Oil Consumption Chart. Journeys to China. The answers to these questions may end up guiding the entrepreneur towards a decision to buckle down on sales instead of spending time on fundraising. If in fact you have determined that raising capital is the single best way to propel your company and the impact that it creates forward, then jump in!

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Fundraising is a time consuming process, but if done correctly it can reap major rewards for the business. Generally, aligning with investors who understand and care about impact will be a key part of this growth strategy. Engage with a mentor, expert, or attend one of our Investment Preparedness Bootcamps to learn how to model your capital ask for maximum impact. There are ways to grow a business. But alas, there are no magic formulas that you can follow to ensure you get there. That being said, a laser focus on customers, your team, and raising the right capital at the right time is a big chunk of the battle.

If you focus on these aspects, you will set yourself up for growth, sustainability and the creation of social and environmental impact. Also, there is no shame in asking for help, so join one of our Bootcamps and spend a dedicated 3 days to designing and implementing strategies for growth. As the Nobel Prize for Medicine winner demonstrated, this can generate problems in the long run like anxiety, obesity, fatigue, depression, and even cancer.

The problems with our current lighting systems extend past the physical side effects — they also hurt our bank accounts. Currently, NuLight is still in the process of doing pilot tests in hospitals, private offices, and a school with 1, students. When asked to give entrepreneurs with incipient projects advice on how to start and what resources to utilize, Rivera offered five sage instructions.

It is not the same thing for a company to prioritize a stable influx of revenue or to look for an exit. In order to avoid friction it is key to lay down expectations and utilize tools to resolve conflicts like Slicing Pie or Vesting. This means understanding exactly what is the pain of your client and how much they are willing to pay to fix it. The other important thing is not falling in love with the product you make, as this is the best way to fail quickly.

A bad client with always lead to a loss of focus, time, and money.

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NuLight is also undergoing the process of due diligence for receiving investments, after which they will attend SOCAP , which allows social entrepreneurs to present their ideas and participate in conversations about tech, inclusion, and impact. When asked if he would do anything differently if he could start over, Rivera objected unequivocally. I have passed through bad times, stress, stomachaches, fights, and more, but without these things I never would have gotten to where I am now.

Marcos Lacayo believes in the power of technology to bring accessible, preventive healthcare to millions of Latin Americans. An undergraduate degree in industrial engineering at a Catholic university provided Marcos with a thorough understanding of both optimizing complex processes and the role of philosophy and religion in his life. Upon receiving his masters in Health Administration, Marcos worked in a variety of engineering jobs, eventually finding his way to an electronic engineering company that installed emergency systems in hospitals. Despite being the child of a retired urologist and a doctor of Public Health, it was the first time he had seriously exposed his adult self to the healthcare arena.

Tasked with installing protection systems on infant cribs, Marcos was present when the first attempt at baby abduction really occurred. As the system rapidly and effectively locked down the hospital, Marcos found himself utterly blown away. He had seen firsthand the power of technology to save lives. Although he was largely content with his life, Marcos knew there was something missing. Above all, he missed his native Nicaragua. Walking into a CVS pharmacy one day, his attention fastened on a kiosk that was providing free preventive tests and collecting data.

His eyes grew wide with an idea. The beautifully simple model could be replicated and adapted to Latin America, bringing health care access to millions of families across the region.

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Fastening on a plan, Marcos began to draw up ideas and designs. In a flurry of excitement and inspiration, he sold his house and his car, and decisively moved back to Nicaragua. Marcos hoped to address the massive rise of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension in Latin America.

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He knew that the long distances to hospitals and high costs incurred for care were keeping low and middle-income families from properly taking care of their health, and thus developed a company offering a simple solution. Registered users can then use the existing kiosks or the online platform for professional consultation by doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists.

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The successful installation of three kiosks has already provided over , evaluations and gathered over 45, registered users. With the selfless support of its auxiliaries, she has been consistently monitored for the last seven months and her situation has steadily improved. The retreat and months of consulting that followed have provided him with invaluable opportunities to receive feedback from other social entrepreneurs and potential investors.

The support and advice he received has allowed him to both adapt and improve his business model. His entrepreneurial journey has been uniquely spiritual, teaching him to resolutely defeat his inner demons and become comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. He is unendingly inspired and driven to persevere by the people he meets every day, each overcoming a unique set of challenges.

With hard work, patience, and a little bit of luck, Marcos has brought life-altering healthcare to tens of thousands of individuals. With a background in web design, Magdalena launched her career in the tech world, founding a web design and development company in Uruguay with her wife in Growing increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of change she was making in a tech agency, Magdalena began to search for new ideas of social impact. She wanted to add value to the LGBTQ community she was a part of, and make a difference to the individuals who were still frequently excluded from society.

Upon reviewing the many applications and platforms already available to the LGBTQ community, Magdalena realized that there was something missing. As the largest and most comprehensive platform for the LGBTQ community in Latin America, GPSGAY is simultaneously a safe space where individuals can solicit advice, support, and consulting services, a medium through which companies and organizations can engage with the community, a source for relevant content including upcoming events, news, and health information, and a marketplace for products including healthcare, travel, and entertainment.

The retreat and months of consulting that followed brought invaluable benefits. Magdalena and her team learned to better measure the impact they were creating, developed a stronger business plan that catered to addressing the health and self-esteem of individuals users, and connected with impact investors in a market less familiar with LGBTQ startups.

With plans to further expand the networks of support and information and strengthen self-esteem, GPSGAY is poised to continue its rapid expansion. She hopes that participation in this platform can make her users happier and more confident, and shares that the grateful messages they receive from the community are her greatest source of motivation and inspiration. Julio Alvarez believes in the promise of an educational program to raise the environmental consciousness of a nation. However, he was appalled by the apathy people had toward the environment.

Visitors littered all over the beach, and the evening tide brought in plastic bags, diapers, and empty bottles. His frustration moved him to action; he started an organization that prompted beachfront restaurants to pay for the installation of trash bins, yet, bins later, people still did not seem to care. Julio was driven to do more.