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When they can handle and experiment with materials and objects they will develop inventiveness and creativity and when they can play with other children and adults who encourage their ideas they will learn to plan and reflect on their activities.

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Research shows that children's success is based on how they approach learning situations. Children who are resilient, who keep trying and who are confident in their own abilities will be successful.

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The Beyond Centers and Circle Time theme series is designed to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for three and four-year-old children. These experiences are based on research conducted at the Creative Pre-School located in Tallahassee, Florida as well as research and theory that has been used to guide best early childhood practice for decades.

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A daily schedule that can be used by full day and part day programs will be presented. Each theme will provide four weeks of activities that include early morning set-ups, sharing circles, outside play ideas, center time experiences, and literacy circles. Teachers can follow the theme outline specifically or pick and choose adding their own ideas and following the children's interests.

Teachers must be prepared for each day's program and provide intentional experiences that maintain the children's interests and enhance their skills and knowledge. The infrastructure for tomorrow's school success is being built one exciting, enriching, playful moment at a time—TODAY.

Themes from Kaplan

Free Sample Lesson! The Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum Theme Series provides early childhood educators with easy to implement daily experiences that are designed to offer children opportunities to explore materials and discover mathematical knowledge. Counting, sorting, classifying, creating patterns, measuring, and just playing with numerals are a part of each days lesson plan. This Math Supplement offers additional ideas of experiences that can be substituted or exchanged to add more density to these daily plans.

Incorporating experiences that will support young childrens acquisition of mathematic knowledge is easy and can be a lot of fun. Mathematical Thinking and the Pre-School Child. Young children are born scientists.

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At birth they are interested in their environments and respond quickly to positive experiences. Adults often inadvertently stifle this natural interest in the world by embedding unfounded fears of animals and objects in an effort to keep them safe. When young children leave quality early childhood programs and enter schools that redefine their scientific interests to fit a narrow curriculum focus of science, their knowledge and interest in science diminishes US Department of Education, For young children science is not just facts in a content area, but a way of thinking and feeling about the world.

The young childs eagerness to understand the world around him provides knowledgeable adults with a window of opportunity for creating a strong love of science and a curiosity and enthusiasm that will support his desire to learn for the rest of his life.

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