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It never worked for my family because we always took us along with us!

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So the root of the problems were still there. I learned some deep lessons, though. How to find my way around in a new place, how to be self-sufficient, how to get along on my own. Yet, I remember the self-consciousness, and the loneliness; the uncertainty and the lack of history between me and others. I learned to let go of relationships quickly and to wall myself off from being very close, from leaning on others.

The Pathwork community here is alive and strong. I still remember the evening when I returned home after my husband had his surgery a few years ago. I sat down at my computer and sent out an email to my Pathwork group saying only that I was in trouble and would they pray for me. It was a momentous moment for me.

As the days passed and my husband returned to us, I would get a gentle message via phone or email that they were still there and still holding us both. This is such a gift —to be a part of a whole, to be a part of a community that is global. We are such a diverse group. We each have different ways to approach our work. Some work through the consciousness, some work through the body, some work with nature, some work with spirit. But the Pathwork is the glue that binds us all.

We have this body of work that is amazing still. And one of the particular ways of being that we humans hold is a way to walk through fear. Fear is described to us as a defense that we learned as young children or we were born with it as a way to explain the unexplainable world around us. And the Pathwork gives us a map to make our way out of fear and into a world that is safe. How does fear affect your life?

My sharing right now feels raw… We, in my family, have just experienced another loss.

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What does it look like to you? Do you feel sad? Do you attack? Do you find someone else who is also vulnerable in their grief and misunderstand and blame? Do you withdraw? Do you build a case? What is the Universe Thinking to bring us so many crises so fast together—one right after another until we are on our knees in surrender?

Have you been experiencing this in your life like I have? We have had a death , followed by a birth Mom was in trouble so new baby born a month early , followed by a stroke victim in the family. And it just keeps on happening!! I need to take a breath here and give myself time to feel what I feel. OK universe, I need a break!

(Higher Consciousness) Surrendering to the God Within

When I can step back even a little I can take in that each crisis has been a blessing. Perhaps that is the message from the universe. What is the bigger picture in your life? Can you step back and see how so many of the events of your life are fitting together to bring you to a particular learning? I was able to share with dad that he was giving his new son such a wonderful gift, the gift of knowing that he is safe on this earth.

I wonder—did I ever have that feeling?

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They were post war parents trying to eke out a living, trying to survive. A friend recently told me about how her daughter really feels loved. In the political strife that is so rampant these days, it seems to me that others forget about my generation and what they accomplished. In the s we fought to end our participation in Vietnam; we fought to bring out the rights of woman; we fought to end integration.

We are fighters! We continue to want to right the wrongs in our society and in the world. We have fought for the rights and freedoms of others no matter what choices they have made in their lifestyles, in their beliefs, and in their mates.

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We are bringing them into a world with a different set of problems than the ones we had to cope with, and we can celebrate how much has been done so far. At least they can feel loved and safe for a little while a few days? Then what about the deaths that seem to be occurring right now? What is the bigger picture about death?

Why must suffering be a part of the dying process? I can only believe that a person who is suffering and who has no hope of getting better is ready to pass to the other side. What about this other side anyway? I wonder what it will be like when I get there. The Pathwork teaches us so much about being in the spirit. Have you checked it out? We learn that we are living in a world of duality. And life versus death is another. What if these basic premises are incorrect? What if there is no not me?

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What if there is no life versus death? Could it be that we just are? Yesterday, I spent some time with other leaders in the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. During that time, I realized that I am not alone , that I really am a part of a community that cares deeply about me as I care about them. We humans do need each other.

We need to know that we are cared about, that we matter to another. I want you to know that you matter to me, that I want to be there to support you, that you can be a part of our community. I would love to hear back from you about how you are being affected by events happening personally and globally. Can you hear me now? Catch phrases… Are we being brainwashed by media bombardment? I keep seeing commercial ads for all sorts of things: Medications… Are we being overloaded with the idea that we must take a pill for each ailment? Or drive a car superfast to be a part of the jet set?

Are we buying into the beliefs that are constantly being forced on us—like sex is the way to get what we want, a way to sell something? To be accepted we must have the latest electronic device so that we can bury our heads in the internet and not look at what is all around us! We must be in constant and instant communication with each other. We must have an instant fix on everything!! What would happen if we were suddenly put back in time where we had to talk to each other?

When we got to know our neighbors because they were out doing the same thing? We talked over the fence in the back yard. We could send our children outside to play without worrying about them being hurt or kidnapped… Now, I have to admit that I love my electronic devices, love being able to stay in touch more easily.

I believe that the person wants to make money. I want to be able to make up my own mind about things. One of my biggest resistances is to someone trying to tell me what to do. It sparks an immediate pushback from me. I want to say NO just because someone says I should.

I have to laugh about that to myself. I believe we all have resistances. What is yours? It is not a quick fix, but is a lasting change. I work on myself, change back into who I used to be before my life experiences interfered; trauma caused me to decide how the world works from an age too young to be able to see with maturity, and mysteriously, the world around me begins to shift for the better. It is truly remarkable. It takes time for me to trust you with my feelings. It takes time for me to trust me with my feelings. It takes time for me to find out what I really believe deep down inside.