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There was a problem obtaining your download from the archive, please try again. You must have a Footage. It does NOT mean 'constipated'. Sempre has de creure la mare - You must always do as your mother tells you expression ho creus? DAO - debades Before a vowel or the letter h, de contracts to d'.

Aquest jersei s fet de llana - This sweater Am.

Véns a fer un ninot de neu amb mi? [FROZEN] - VAKOMBÀ amb 9SONGS

However, it is translated by a gerund after the verbs assajar practice , deixar quit , evitar avoid , no poder estar-se can't help and parar stop. It is translated by a gerund or the infinitive "to" with the verbs agradar like , oblidar -se forget , permetre's afford , preferir prefer and recordar -se remember.

On diantre vas? Although not officially sanctioned terms, 'disc d'arranc' and 'disc d'inici' are also widely used. However, the user should bear in mind that it is a castellanisme and therefore its use is not recommended.

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This process transforms the ingredients into a type of caramelized sauce which is then generally used to flavour sweet foods or can be eaten spread on toast [info from Wikipedia]. Han aconseguit empatar en el minut 16 - They managed to equalize in the 16th minute. Aquesta malaltia no s'encomana. Typical of the Balearic Islands. Desprs d'exposar-se en classe, l'informe s'entregar al professor - After being presented in class, the report will be handed or given or turned in to the teacher.

Deu euros i. The actual beetle is 'escarabat piloter'. When you blow them they unfurl, making a noise. The difference between the sentences 'I hope to pass the test' and 'I expect to pass the test' isn't obvious in Catalan. The most usual word for bookcase is 'prestatgeria'. Cirurgia esttica - Cosmetic surgery noun f aesthetics Br. The 'flabiol' player plays the 'flabiol' with his left hand and a 'tambor' small drum with his right. However, a number of Catalan Internet users do not approve of this term and many use 'fotoblog' instead.

We will attempt to add more detailed information and examples to this entry as time permits. In Catalonia and Valencia, the word for 'sparrow' is 'pardal'. H hbil adjective skilful Br. According to Wikipedia, habaneras are particularly popular in coastal areas of Catalonia where there are large numbers of sailors with the habanera 'El meu avi' being perhaps the most well known. It is used in the field of education together with 'cursos' courses , 'assignatures' subjects , 'llions' lessons , 'classes' classes etc.

Fa la impressi que Em fa la impressi que The feminine form is short for 'planta incineradora' and refers to the plant where things are incinerated.

The Diccionari Catal-Valenci-Balear marks it as a noun. Here we mark it as both to cover all uses. Kenya noun f Kenya ketchup noun m ketchup Khartum noun m Khartoum kickboxing noun m kickboxing kilogram noun m kilogram kilmetre noun m kilometer Am. It is difficult to provide a direct equivalent in English as these jobs all tend to be dealt with by different professionals in the English-speaking world.

Length as in 'length of time' is 'durada'. It's still used in written Catalan, especially when 'seu' would be ambiguous : "s ben conegut que els problemes que tenen els qui volen aprendre un altre idioma depenen en gran part de llur llenguatge nadiu. Mar Negre m Black Sea maraca noun f maraca maragda noun f emerald marasme noun m marasmus marathi noun m Marathi marat noun m marathon marbre noun m marble mar noun m March marc noun 1 m frame 2 m Mark Marc alemany - German expression.

El llanament de martell is the hammer throw. Martell also means hammer in the general sense. Maximitza la finestra seleccionada - Maximize the selected window. Catalan has one word 'melmelada' that covers both 'jam' and 'marmalade'. If a character in a Catalan exam paper is eating 'melmelada', it is likely to be jam. In addition, those who prepare Catalan exam papers are a perverse lot and so such characters have a particular preference for 'melmelada de prunes' - plum NOT prune jam NOT marmalade.

You have been warned! In English, the term 'minuend' is a traditional one which is no longer much used. DACCO : The Open Source English-Catalan Dictionary 'Noces d'argent', 'Noces d'or' and also, 'noces de diamant' '60th' and 'noces de plat' - '75th' can be used to refer to events other than a wedding anniversary for example, the founding of a club, the number of years you've been working in a particular job etc..

Barcelona' would be 'the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Barcelona Football Club.

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It functions in much the same way as the French 'N'est ce pas? Oi que s? P pa noun m bread expression pa amb tomquet m bread smeared with fresh tomato and oil 'Pa amb tomquet' is a traditional Catalan 'dish'. Essentially it consists of slices of bread cut from a good crusty loaf, not your average British sliced and smeared with a nice juicy halved-tomato, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled lightly with salt yum! Unlike the English 'palm', 'pam' is still widely used. Noi, si continues aix, parars boig!

If you go on like that you'll end up going crazy Am.


Pareix intelligent - He looks clever Vestit aix, pareixes un pags - You look like a peasant, dressed like that Pareix que estiguis esgotat - You look exhausted John va fer uns quants comentaris que pareixien tranquillitzadors - John made several comments that seemed reassuring 2 to seem Em pareix que Para l'orella! Listen up! It does not mean 'yard' in the American sense 'back yard'.

This would be 'jard'. Departament de Pedagogia - Department of Education 'Pedagogical' means 'to do with teaching'. Va vendre un quadre per quinze mil euros - He sold a painting for fifteen thousand euros Un per tots i tots per un! El llanament de pes is the actual event. Garlic, saffron and parsley are also commonly used. To bite as in an animal such as a dog biting would be 'mossegar' 2. The American robin Turdus migratorius is 'griva americana'. If you are thinking larger scale i. The platform you would find in a train station is 'andana'.

When placed after a noun, 'pobre' means 'poor' in the sense 'has no money'. Et portarem en cotxe a la oficina - We can give you a lift to the office. However, 'programa propietari' is very widely used. A prune is a dried plum. The Catalans have just the one word 'pruna' that covers both 'plum' and 'prune'. Characters in Catalan exam papers always eat 'melmelada de pruna' plum jam on their toast, never strawberry jam ;-. Unlike the English translations, 'punyeter' can be used as an adjective or a noun, but not as an adverb.

A British 'chemist' who dispenses medicine is a 'farmacutic'. It only occurs in the infinitive.

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Realitzar un somni - To fulfil l a dream. It can also mean 'to represent' in the sense 'to symbolize' or 'to depict'. They all come from the plant with the Latin name 'Ribes sp. However, the English acronym OCR is also widely used and recognised. When referring to animals and potatoes , 'sarna' is used.

It is used in cooking especially 'sag de porc'. Sagitari noun Sagittarius sagnant adjective bloody sagnar verb to bleed Sagrada Famlia noun f El Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Famlia, to give it its full name, is a Catholic church in the Eixample area of Barcelona. Begun by Antoni Gaud in , it was unfinished at the time of his death in and is still under construction today sagramental noun m ruckus Am.

For people and plants, 'ronya' is used. The words are as follows: 'Catalunya, triomfant, tornar a ser rica i plena! Endarrera aquesta gent tan ufana i tan superba! Bon cop de fal! Bon cop de fal, defensors de la terra! Ara s hora, segadors!