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Danye Jones case: Ferguson activist calls for investigation into son's death

It was not immediately clear who killed Ms. Elman or why, but General Hussein said Ms. Elman was hit by a bullet while inside a car at the Halane complex, a heavily fortified compound that flanks the international airport in Mogadishu and is populated by African Union troops and representatives from United Nations agencies and embassies.

'Vocal, unafraid': Indonesia activist's sudden death questioned

Said Fadhaye, a freelance videographer in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, posted on Facebook that he was in the car with Ms. Elman when she died.

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Fadhaye said Ms. Elman was the daughter of Elman Ali Ahmed, a pioneering peace activist who himself was gunned down in Mogadishu in Her mother, Fartuun Adan, is a founder of the Elman Peace Center , which was created in and works to promote peace and protect human rights in Somalia.

Death of civil rights activist ruled a homicide - CBS News

The family fled to Canada after the outbreak of the Somali civil war in the early s but returned beginning in to help nation-building efforts. Almaas Elman previously worked at the Somali Embassy in Kenya and recently began consulting for the European Union delegation to Somalia, according to friends and former colleagues. She was married in to Zakaria Hersi, a Somali-Swedish tech entrepreneur.

Elman in Still, Suad is the first prominent activist to be killed in broad daylight while simply going about her business. The killing took place on a street in the Abbasiyah area of central Basra. A shopkeeper just in front of the road where it happened said he had been playing a video game when it happened. Another killing came on Saturday evening.

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Haider Shaker, a medic, was shot dead outside the al-Sader hospital, not far from the oil ministry where the current governor of Basra makes his residence. A former volunteer with the Hashd al-Shaabi militia that fought the Islamic State IS group, Shaker had also taken part in demonstrations.

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His death was confirmed to the Alsumaria TV channel by the ministry of health. Footage shows a pickup truck driving up beside Shaker as he crosses the road - a gun is fired and he slumps to the ground. Another person assassinated in Basra today.

Haider Shaker, a medical assistant works at a hospital in Basra. Chaos pic. A state of fear has begun to grip some activists, who say powerful figures are reacting against their protests, which have seen the buildings of political parties, militias and the Iranian consulate torched since July. Threats have been ongoing for weeks and protest organisers fear that Suad's fate could come to them as well. Suad is one of four women whose apparent assassinations have made the headlines in recent months. Then on Thursday, popular social media star Tara Fares was killed in her car. The deaths of so many women, combined with the outcry, eventually led Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to declare that the killings appeared to be "organised" and that an investigation would be launched.

By Saturday evening, it was announced that a suspect had been apprehended in the Fares killing, but so far Suad's killer remains elusive.