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I do hope that I can join you in a future event in Orlando. Please stay safe from the Storm. John is best known for playing mail carrier 'Cliff Calvin' on one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, "Cheers. In fact, John is the only actor to voice a character in every single Pixar film ever made! Tickets to Fantasm: www. Did you think we were done yet? You don't stop running until you can't hear the chainsaw anymore! Just ask our next Guest: Caroline Williams!

Shortly after, she moved to Dallas and furthered her career, with co-stars, in The Legend of Billie Jean dir.

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Matthew Robbins and Getting Even dir. Dwight Little. When Tobe Hooper and L. She burst into the room, pulled the chairs from beneath the duo and played the brief dialogue, while huddled in a corner. In that often told moment, she won the role from actresses from both coasts. After escaping Leatherface, she moved to Hollywood to continue her career in a mix of horror: Stepfather II dir. Jeff Burr , Leprechaun 3 dir. Brian Trenchard Smith and mainstream films: Days of Thunder dir. Ron Howard.

She continues to split her efforts between series TV guest star roles, such as Grey's Anatomy dir. Debbie Allen and The Mentalist dir.

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Charles Beeson. Caroline will be joining us all weekend. Costumers from all over will take the stage and show off not only their incredibly crafted costumes but performances as well. If you have the desire, drive, and creativity to be the best, sign up and show everyone what you can do! Junior creatures children 12 and under will have their own chance to participate where everyone's a winner!

For the first time the entire South East region of the United States has been purged of Sabbat threats. This calls for Celebration! Rumor has it that even certain members of the Justicariot will be there to offer their own personal congratulations. With this many elders gathering in one location, what could possibly go wrong? Shepard gave a delightfully brash performance as the sassy and sarcastic " Casey " in the fantastic horror zombie comedy The Return of the Living Dead Other memorable roles are wealthy playgirl " Christina " in the late-night cable-TV soft-core favorite Christina aka " Christina " , " Dyanne Stein " in the amusing Party Camp , ditzy prostitute " Wanda " in Roots of Evil and prison inmate " Amanda " in the sleazy babes-behind-bars opus Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom More recently, Jewel popped up in a small part as a hooker in the terrific independent movie The Cooler Outside of acting, Shepard has had a career as a writer and has penned articles for such publications as " Details ", " Premiere " and " Cosmopolitan ".

She has also contributed special features to the Associated Press. She has been married to John Gulager since Melissa Gibbo is a writer of dark and humorous fiction. Also known as Squirrel of the Dark Alley Crew , she is an ambassador for the non-profit group Diversely Geek , judge for the Royal Palm Literary Awards , and a consistent panelist for Orlando area conventions. A member of the Entertainment industry for more than 25 years, J. Michael Roddy has contributed to some of the most successful entertainment experiences that have become unforgettable memories for millions around the world.

His passion for the film and entertainment industry grew into an illustrious career as Roddy began writing and producing world-class, award-winning entertainment for Walt Disney Entertainment , Walt Disney Imagineering , Universal Orlando Resort , and Anheuser-Busch Entertainment to name a few.


And as a special feature, the cast will present a narrated showing of The Return of the Living Dead! Grab a seat in our theater and listen in live as the Living Dead speak from beyond the grave or, at least, from the front row. He has worked as a countless variety of other characters in films like Green Lantern, Avatar, The Martial Arts Kid, the reboot of Kickboxer, the soon to be released supernatural thriller Taken Over, and the new drama, Betrayed. Richard Dorton has made a career as a premiere performance capture actor, stuntman, movement consultant and producer for the last 18 years.

Navy Seals. He also specializes in casting actors and stunt people for performance capture. Alan Maxson is best known for playing monsters and creatures.

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His most recent work was performing motion capture as King Ghidorah right head for the film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Along with his on camera presence, Alan has also been heard as a voice actor. Alan also voiced the Sigma Brewing Company's online commercial. TJ, Richard and Alan will be joining us all weekend and look forward to meeting you and answering your questions about their unique roles in modern film making! Book your Room: www. Jackie Sonnenberg is an author and actor living in Orlando, known for "cosplaying" her original characters and interacting with people to tell them their stories in a fun way.

She creates the whole look and costume and dons them to conventions and events She currently has a collection of novels retelling Nursery Rhymes as horror stories, with rough drafts and outlines for more in the works. An avid Horror enthusiast, she is always creatively bringing the scares to life in some form or another.

Reserveration and selection of your booth is incredibly easy with our online system so get the booth you want now! Join Bill and Ted as they venture into an old prop warehouse to reminisce upon their old show only to discover they're being given another chance to mock the pop culture of the year! Nothing is off the table as these sexy characters take the stage in a wild burlesque adventure! It's been 40 years and five films and we're still not convinced the war with The Tall Man is over. Apart from the Phantasm series, Coscarelli also wrote and directed the popular swords and sorcery film The Beastmaster starring athletic Marc Singer and the eye-catching Tanya Roberts being pursued by villainous high priest Rip Torn.

Kennedy hiding out in a Texas rest home where the residents are being attacked by a 3, year old cowboy boot wearing mummy trying to bring itself back to life! The film was an immediate indie and horror hit at several film festivals and has spawned a further cult following for Coscarelli and Campbell. Coscarelli has carved himself a true cult niche in modern horror film history, and his loyal fans eagerly await his next project. Join us at Fantasm where you'll be able to meet Don and ask him about his career and film work in person!

Tickets www. His pivotal role caused Fran , the female lead, to reassess her situation and decide to learn how to shoot weapons and fly the chopper.

Shortly following the release fo Dawn , he moved to Los Angeles to work within a variety of media types. Currently living in East Central Florida, he has returned to his musical roots, composing music in his home studio and providing occasional music for motion pictures. This unique and wildly theatrical musical combines haunting music and poetic storytelling to chronicle the fascinating life of iconic American writer Edgar Allan Poe.

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A literary rock star of his day, Poe struggles with tragedy and addiction, poverty and loss, yet produces some of the world's most original, visionary and enduring literature before dying in unexplained circumstances at the age of At once gorgeous and grotesque, Nevermore explores the events that shape Poe's character and career, blurring the line between fact and fiction--after all, as Poe himself writes, "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

You do not have to be limited by only a few or just two choices offered to you by politicians or bureaucrats. This is Your State and you have the right and the obligation to make it great, apart from the limited dictates of only two perspectives, two points of view, two political poles, the two entrenched political parties.

Think about it — our society and economy are based upon having multiple choices, not just one or two, and exercising those choices by our free will — why is politics the only place where there are only two choices. We are providing you with another new, enlightened and productive option.

The following pages present problems and solutions. They contain issues and recommendations for your consideration.

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These are problems and issues that are very familiar to us all, but they are also areas that are often painful for us to think about and issues that we would rather not have to dwell upon in our busy lives. But we do have to personally address them and develop our own individual and unique opinions. That is the nature of democracy. The war poetry began with the journal-keeping in Viet Nam, the same recorded memoirs that produced the trilogy.

Five subsequent experimental poems, which originated while working in the graduate Creative Writing program at George Mason University, Fairfax, Va. Chains are connecting links that both unite and divide or protect and confine,often at the same time.