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Perhaps learning about the nutritional content of food, what vitamins and minerals you need, would be a good place to start. Then how much sugar, salt and fat you should have each day. Simply try to eat 5 different types of vegetables every day. Fruit has vitamins and minerals for you. Just eat the same amount and 2 fruits and 5 veggies which is about 2 and a half cups per day of veggies and 1 cup of fruit. Take an apple too. Maybe some almonds, dried fruit or maybe a couple of rice cakes with peanut butter or celery with peanut butter.

Remember healthy eating is about balance and getting enough veggies for your vitamin and mineral levels. Could someone help me? Any suggestions? Well done on the weight loss. You are 14 and you weight now about pounds. That is not at all bad and it may be better just to keep it at that whilst you continue to grow.

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My teens 14 lost some weight and my view has been it is best to let it stabilise, change the foods you eat for life to a healthy diet with no junk food and as you grow taller and exercise any existing excess weight will disappear naturally. Also eat dairy in moderation. Chris, I am happy to help, would you try a new milk shake for breakfast instead? Chris I have two 14 year old sons. You want to be told simply what to eat. One of my boys tries to eat lots of protein. Here in England it is quite common to have bacon and eggs for breakfast or sausages, not cereals.

Do not lose more than a pound a week — remember you are growing taller so extra weight is likely to disappear just by being active.

The best things my boys ever did was drink only water ever. If you do that you will do your health and weight a lot of good. Tap water. Drink more water as possible , till 5Lit. Check out their site or email me for meal plan ideas. It is truly s lifestyle change and teaches you healthy eating. Good luck! I have been on this diet since May 1, — which means 3 months.

I have lost 23 lbs and can not get past the 23 lbs. What am I doing wrong? Here is what I have been doing I actually typed it out for a friend to follow — every week!!!!

On the 2nd or 4th meal I sometimes have a salad! But no dressing, croutons, fruit, only veggies. If you eat canned veggies try to cut back on your sodium they are high in sodium and you will get too much. I had to start buying no salt added green beans — you can add Mrs. Dash to them and they taste better!

Probably more of a women thing! Guys will usually be guys! I am going to try to cut back at night on the 7th day to see if that helps. You will see it go away the next days. What helped me get past that point and lose more weight is cycling carbs and exercising not a lot — but the right exercise. The only way to lose extra is to consume less or to exercise more.

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Are you excercising as well? You need to burn calories as well not just dieting. Green beans are starchy. Try cutting them out for a while and cut the cottage cheese. Make sure that your first meal is 30g of protein which yours would not be. Also, you should be measuring progress in terms of inch loss or body fat percentage loss as opposed to weight.

Scales are not an accurate assessment of your health. He advises eating one more egg in the morning as an example. I would also add oil and vinegar to your salad as dressing to add healthy fats. The type of calories you eat, especially when working out is very important. For example, eat carbs before a workout, your body will simply burn down the carbs.

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But, if you eat lean protein before a workout your body will use that protein to burn fat and build muscle. If you are at a plateau, try and cut out the things that have a lot of sodium, such as cottage cheese, deli meats probably the worst and red meats. Substitute alternatives like fresh turkey not ground or chicken. You would be surprised what happens in a week with lower sodium diet.

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I do find my weight loss slows down if my calories are too low. Dana, it has taken me just over 2 years to loe 50 pounds.

Anyway, slower is better, and as you say, eating enough fat and protein calories in order to keep the metabolism burning fat which cannot happen in the presence of starches that become sugar once digested is the way to do that. I know someone who did this and lost 80 pounds in 9 months! But when do you hear someone dieing from Weed? As for never hearing about people dieing from someone who smokes weed. How about killing 14 people with a train collision as a result of the train operators getting high! No where did it state they were currently high.. Are you kidding?!?

That is too funny. I think I should invest…LOL…but really, does it work?

How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise

Take one day off per week? Great Ideea, no way I can apply it yet, but yes, one day off is the greatest point in the article. It is very important while dieting to move your body. Dance to fast pace songs every day, you can do it while you cook, clean, do dishes or laundry. I have 4 kids, and have lost a combined total of lbs by eating right and dancing while I work around the house.

I just had a baby 5 months ago and I feel huge! I want to lose weight but I dont know where to start.

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Trying to figure out what to cut, what to eat, what kind of exercise. It is all confusing to me. All I know is I want to lose weight and soon. I am going to try the dancing while cooking. I love it!